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About Us

The Redeemer’s Theological Seminary was founded by the Apostles, Dr.Michelle and James Lewis, in 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia.  We have been given a unique assignment to train those who are called to the offices of the five-fold ministry gifts,  especially those called to the offices of Apostle and Prophet.​ 

We have a well rounded curriculum taught by instructors who are experts in their field of study and are experienced in their calling.

 In 2012 we took the School of the Prophets classes to an online experience. With a college website, Facebook account and Twitter account.  In 2014, we had our first combined online and campus students graduation consisting of  35 Graduates.

In 2015 the school moved its campus to Michigan. We presented the monthly Prophetic Explosion in various cities  as a means of sharing what God wanted to present to the people in those regions.   


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